Racism… Its a NEW thing…

12 Mar
Cheif Dior designer John Galliano was recently fired for alleged assult and making anti-semetic remarks…. SO…. *blank stare* … whats new?
I mean C’MON!!! He’s a weird fraile white guy who looks like V the Freedom Fighter…
Lest we not forget good ole Walt making racism comical by putting them in cartoon version:
We have the Jive talkin crows from the 1941 Classic Dumbo…Lead character was called Jim Crow…

And what about Sunflower the Centaur from Fantasia. The dark skinned… untamed hair African Centaur from a Disney classic Mickey wants us to forget. Shes pictured here serving the prettier, fair skinned Centaur. GREAT start Walt!

Long story short… Either PROVIDE YOUR OWN so money goes back in your own pockets or SHADDUP!!! Lol… You gotta get outa here with buying from other labels and brands AND complaining about them… lol… The only way to fight ignorance is to be SMART!!!

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