13 Mar

What better way to destroy the little respect you have left for yourself than to throw a party @ Webster Hall promoting a GAH-BAGE Mixtape Kimmy? If you don’t sit yo OLD A$$ DOWN somewhere and leave Nikki ALONE!!! She is NOT thinkin about your White Woman Pork Face! *Katt Williams voice*

SMH @ you old lady… SMH…. There IS a such thing as TOO much surgery… shes starting to look like Latoya Jackson and Ricky Bobbys Bastard child….

  WHAT IN THE NAME OF Nascar Dolly Parton…???

ANYWHO… On another note… Im feeling the wig… different… but still nice. Stay away from that knife though Kim… WE ARE NOT PLAYIN with you heffa!!!

Hope this makes you a star again Kimmy… Right now youre lookin like a HOT CHICKEN GREASE MESS!!! JMO….


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