Telsa Model S Signature… my kinda car!!!

19 Mar
This electric… energy efficient American Made vehicle is equipped with a 17 inch touchscreen with 3G connectivity. Which means you can download whatever app you want straight to your console.

Anywho… The first 1000 Model S vehicles delivered will be considered the Signature. The Model S Signature will run you an extra 40 thousand JUST for a reservation. CAN WE SAY EXCLUSIVE!?! AOOOWWWW!!! No word on MSRP Price yet…( I HEARD its supposed to be around the 50k range plus reservation)   BUT Tesla will invite reservation holders to configure their Model S about three months before their car is produced. Theyre going for the “affordable electric car” so you wont have to worry about Bugatti prices. (although their Roadster can set you back 101 thousand) eeeh… its all Relative!

Telsa S Model.jpg

I can just drive my Telsa onto the sand and recharge!
The car business should be MORE like this and less like the lots of over produced machines we have now… Cars ON DEMAND!!! lol

Telsa S.jpg


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