Anna W…. this lady STILL has pple shyttin Bricks!!!

25 Mar
So…. aftter watching The Devil wears Prada for the 7hundred and 35th time… I stumbled upon an article about the Devil Herself: Anna Wintour.
Shes featured in this months WSJ Magazine… Pick it up… and send me one too!! lol…AnaWintour.png


 Im not even gonna start to NAME some of the things this petite heavy hitter has done for the fashion world. Just know that you WILL RESPECT HER GANGSTA!!!
FAMILY FIRST!!There was talk of retiring… When the September Issue came out (in 09) we all held our breath…. Hope no one passed out because she hand picked Amar’e Stoudemir to be featured in April’s edition. GO HEAD Girl!!!

Ana Wintour4.jpg

Holding Vogue down since 88…. (was there a fire? lmao)
*GRACEfully bows*

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