Nike & Colette's Away Project…

30 Mar
Looks like stripes and bold brights  are the “IN” this season…
(I’m ALREADY SICK of Prada’s fall line SHEESH!!!)
Anywho… To celebrate France’s Soccer Team Nike colabo’d with Colette to bring in some heavy hitter sponsors…

Chanel is offering a Petit Shopping bag…(cute)

Away Chanel.JPG
Hermés is offering their trademark…Away Hermes.JPG

    I Love a little LongnChamp… dont know about YOU!

Away LongChamp.JPG

MontBlanc and their LITTLE OLE PENS…
Away Mont Blanc.JPG

Away Project pack.jpg

Kinda cool.. (except the Macaroons- GROSS)

Here’s whats the shop looked like inside:

Away Project.JPGAway Project3.JPG Away Project2.JPG

Lets see if America can pull something like this together (side eye)

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