Does your Birkin match your car?

5 Apr

Crowned the Fastest car in the world (267mph~WHY ARE WE FLYING? I dunno but its FAST!)…

The Bugatti Veyron IS in itself MAGNIFICENT…

Hermes Bugatti7.jpg

Hey… I got an idea… lets make the FASTEST car in the world… then Hermes it up! lol… And THATS how the Fbg par Hermes was born…  (Fbg- short for Faubourg Saint-Honore, the street of Hermes’ flagship store)

Hermes Bugatti8.jpg

The REGULAR (if there IS such) is a cool $1.7 Mil… the Hermes version will set you back $2.3 Million… thats 3 MILLION Brazillian Reals… or a little over 27 MILLION Pesos… or 194 MILLION Jamaican Dollars… lets not even COUNT how many of my I.O.U’s it’ll take…  Jesus Cristo!!!! *spanish accent*

Hermes Bugatti3.jpg

Alright… I’m back…  Some features include: Door handles modeled after the Hermes Suitcase….H-logo on the rims and wheel locks and air vents made to look like the trademark Hermes saddle stitching… inside the trunk AND hood ANd dashboard AND glove compartmen is BUTTER soft bull-leather lining…. and Hermes just threw in a bag… for sh*ts sake..

Take a look…

Hermes Bugatti4.jpg

Hermes Bugatti10.JPG

Hermes Bugatti2.jpg

Rumor has it… Bugatti makes 80 Veyrons a year… and this edition is SUPER exclusive..

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