Nokia Green Soda Phone…

16 Apr

Leave it up to Nokia to provide some NEW NEW ish… *Nu-Nu ATL Voice*…. Deisgner Daizi Zheng came up with an eco-friendly phone for Nokia.

Regular lithium batteries have drawbacks including being expensive and harmful to the environment. So Daizi Zheng came up with an eco-friendly phone…

Heres how the phone works:

 Nokia Phone1.JPG

 First: Unscrew the top… Then pour whatever cracked out Sugar beverage of choice.

Nokia Phone2.JPG

 Next: The Bio-Battery inside “uses enzymes as a catalyst to generate electricity from carbohydrates” <~Science words for turns sugar into JUICE for your phone…

Nokia Phone3.JPG

Once the battery dies… theres just oxygen and good ole H2O left…

Forgot to mention on a single charge, the lifespan of  the bio-battery  is 3-4 times that of a lithium battery… I’m SOLD!!!


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