Time for a Chanel fix…

2 Jun

The Boy Chanel handbags? … eeeh… I’m not sure if it made FETCH happen yet… They range from 25 to 42 stacks <- Im kinda bored with the word stack… anywho… all made from glazed calfskin… and available in 3 colors Red, Black and grey.

I like the SPINE of the bags… VERY Encyclopedia Britannica but eeh.. *shrugs shoulders*

And while we’re on the subject of Chanel, a Brooklyn-ite tried to sue the French Powerhouse because she got her fingers STUCK in a $10 thousand ring! AS IF! LADY… you KNEW your Professor Klump fingers couldnt fit that!

After a couple hours in the emergency room, the ring was finally released from OBESE FINGER HELL… lol… but wait… thats not all… the lady is suing Chanel for ‘unspecified damages’… HA!

I just got an email from Mademoiselle Coco… she said:  BEAT it lady!…

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