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Chris and friends enjoy street art with a private tour…

30 May

Bow Wow… yes he’s still little… and Chris Brown visit Art In The Streets at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles…

Chris has always been that cool artys farsty wierdo… still talented none the least..

Looks like they had a good time

Chris Twitpic’d these:

Dress up your wardrobe… closet

27 May

We’ve ALL had our little indulgences with ikea… (DONT FRONT)… MYKEA lets us play dress up with our dressers…

Some of these designs are AWESOME!

Babe Cigarette

Ballentina… I’m guessing is a cross between a Ballerina and a whale… lol.. CUTE!

And the throwback… (drum roll)… LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE!

Beachy Art made by Mr Chow

17 May

I came across the Stanley Chow Print Shop randomly… and HAD to tell you about it! Way BEACHY!

The Manchester bort artist has won awards for his work… did designs for Sony… but most importantly… got my attention.

A is for Audrey

Stanley Chow.jpg

NO one has eyeballs! lol… I love these PRINTS!

Take a look…

Self Portrait

Stanley Chow2.jpg

Mr. Wonder

Stanley Chow3.png

The Green Lady 
Stanley Chow4.jpg

Nina Simone
Stanley Chow5.jpg

The Geisha Girl and the Bonsai
Stanley Chow6.jpg

Mc Lovin
Stanley Chow7.png

I need ALL of these!!! AND the tote bag his wife had… FLIP! Mr. Chow… FLIP!

Laundry day… BLAH!!!

11 May

There’s NOTHING SEXY about Laundry day…

Except for her…


and him…


But THIS is what I need!!


How much for a bookshelf?!?! GTFOH!!!!

3 May

Sebastian Errazuriz modeled the Metamorphosis shelf after his grandmothers ivy covered garden. “The dark branches that crawled along the walls were so thick that I would use them as natural shelves for my garden toys,” Sebastian said.


Great concept… Is it worth the price?

Bookshelf2.JPG  $75,000 makes this the most expensive Bookshelf… YA THINK?!

SEQUENtial Beauty…

26 Apr

“OMG I forgot my T-Pad!”
Sequin Dress.jpg

Photography by Anna Fowler

Nokia Green Soda Phone…

16 Apr

Leave it up to Nokia to provide some NEW NEW ish… *Nu-Nu ATL Voice*…. Deisgner Daizi Zheng came up with an eco-friendly phone for Nokia.

Regular lithium batteries have drawbacks including being expensive and harmful to the environment. So Daizi Zheng came up with an eco-friendly phone…

Heres how the phone works:

 Nokia Phone1.JPG

 First: Unscrew the top… Then pour whatever cracked out Sugar beverage of choice.

Nokia Phone2.JPG

 Next: The Bio-Battery inside “uses enzymes as a catalyst to generate electricity from carbohydrates” <~Science words for turns sugar into JUICE for your phone…

Nokia Phone3.JPG

Once the battery dies… theres just oxygen and good ole H2O left…

Forgot to mention on a single charge, the lifespan of  the bio-battery  is 3-4 times that of a lithium battery… I’m SOLD!!!

$1.5Mil for a BED?

15 Apr

YUP!…. Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars created a floating bed that would allow you to sleep in a bed that is floating in mid air…. I’m sold!

Floating Bed.jpg

Floating Bed3.JPG

Fine fine… if you dont wanna pay 1.5 for the actual bed you can get a scale model (1/5 the size) for the LOW LOW price of $150k… CASH! no payment plans!

Floating Bed2.JPG

What do you think? Do you think they can bring mine to the BEACH?

Ballet Black… RESPECT IT!!

13 Apr

Cassa Pancho  studied classical ballet at the Royal Academy… and started Ballet Black because she couldnt find a Black Ballerina to do  her dissertation on…. Pancho, with her Trinidadian and British background, searched for a ballerina with color to no avail… After graduation, she decided to change that.  Pancho’s mission: “To provide dancers and students of black and Asian descent with inspiring opportunities in classical ballet”

The Ballet School is located in Shepherd’s Bush West London….

Here are a few pictures of the Dancers of
Ballet Black:

Ballet School.JPG

Ballet School4.JPGBallet School6.JPGBallet School5.JPGBallet School3.JPGBallet School2.JPG

If you were professional Ballerinas like MYSELF…lol… you’d FLIP! this post!!

iHeart Hathaway!!

13 Apr

I need this ballerina picture taken ASAP!!! I love his work….