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Top Shop Jewelry Must Haves…

30 May

Need some quick add ons? Not really a forever 21 accessory wearer? <~ NEW WORD…

Pay your 5 and hopefully your ears wont turn green… lol…

Anywho… here’s a couple of my faves from Top Shop…


Chanel Brooches we cant live without!!!

29 Apr

Chanel Plume Brooch… Originally designed by Mademoiselle  herself in 1932…

Brooch Chanel.JPG

Chanel Paraïba tourmaline and diamond brooch…

Chanel Brooch.JPG


27 Apr

Python’s been around for a while… it looks like STINGRAY is making itself known!

how CAYUTE is this bangle?

Shagreen Leather Bauble Bangle by Mr.Cruz

Bauble Bangle.JPG

Bauble Bangle 2.JPG
I need about 3 of these to go with my gold swimsuit… lol…

The Cats Meow…

13 Apr

Cat’s Eye Pink Tourmaline ring by Ashok Sancheti… 25 Stacks… not bad not bad…

Little Ying Ying round the house watch…

1 Apr

 Backes & Strauss’ new release… the Picadilly Princess… 327 idel cut diamonds total (23.34 carats) … 27 diamonds in the bezel… mother of pearl center and MORE diamonds on the crown….  DIAMONDS… DIAMONDS and


Twist on a Classic…

1 Apr

So I was just MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS… shopping around Net-A-Porter and I stumbled upon a Bottega Veneta cuff…. (AND the matching ring which Bottega CONVENIENTLY threw in there KNOWING you cant get one without the other!)

The Cuff…
Bottega Cuff.jpg
The Ring…

Bottega Ring.jpg

Anywho…. the hand carved cameo (normally made with ivory) is blackened oxidized sterling silver…

They’ll both run you about 7 stacks.. but WELL worth it!

While youre at it… Can SOMEONE order me these Marc Jacob Zipper earrings?

Marc Jacobs Zipper.JPG



28 Mar
Hubolt’s 143 carat baguette diamond covered 18k white gold Big Bang tourbillon watch… 2 mil Euro… 3 UDS…. smh…. Im not sure how much more this piece of jewelry does BESIDES tell the time… but I WANT IT!!!!


hublot 2.jpg

I got 5 on it… YES… 5 WHOLE dollars!!! lol

Today we say farewell to the queen of Baubles…

23 Mar
Elizabeth Taylor passed away this morning at the age of 79. Besides her breath-taking violet eyes…. glamour….poise… tenatious relationships…. and AMAZING BAUBLES… she remained humble.
Im not going to get into a whole dissertation about E… (we go way  back lol) so heres a couple pics to remember her…..
 E Taylor.jpg
Elizabeth Taylor3.jpg
Elizabeth Taylor2.jpg

Thanks for setting the stage!!!

Hermès Baubles…

21 Mar
Hermès’ CLASSIC equestrian insignia is ALL OVER their bauble line… The collection includes a platinum necklace set with 3,669 diamonds shaped like a whip around the wearer’s neck.. (BBM Surprised Face)
Not too sure how I feel about the Whips and Chains but I’ll roll with it..
Centaure rings—made of rose gold and set with black jade, orange aventurine, pavé diamonds, or pink opal—that are shaped like horse, or centaur, hooves.
Hermès Haute Bijouterie Centaure rings

Hermes Bauble.jpg

Rings start at 25 stacks… and those are the SMALLEST pieces mind you…  SHEESH!!!