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Cookie Art…

2 Jun

Being the FATTIE I am I was researching cookies recipes and came across The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle

Callye makes the most DARLING cookies… they are SUPER professional looking AND she gives you the step-by-step instructions so you can DIY…

Unfortunately she’s not taking orders now… BUMMER… because I have a feeling my cookies wont come out like hers! Callye… Darling… Honey… I need you to send me one of EVERYTHING!! lol…

I’m going to ATTEMPT the Citrus Slices and Wedges to go with my new Lemonade recipe I’ve been tweaking… WISH ME LUCK!!!

 Hoping my cookies turn out like this!

For all my Gardening FATTIES…

28 May

Im not one to garden but these potted African Violets look YUMMY… LITERALLY…. You DO know this is CAKE right?

Its a  five-layer chocolate devil’s food cake with chocolate-caramel truffle cream filling and coffee buttercream frosting. (Drools)… Exclusive to William-Sonoma, this Perfect Endings pot will run you a cool $100.. Not TOO bad… Ive seen cakes that charge MORE and look WORSE…

Anywho… I JUST ordered my pot today… All I need now is a glass of milk…

Fattie event for the day…

26 May

Dont act like yall arent fatties on the inside!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cake…

Heres the recipe… send me a slice!

Reeces with chocolate cake and cheesecake… all rolled up in one FATTIE slice… YUMMY

I’m a bit of a cookie Junkie…

18 May

First step to recovery… Admitting I LOVE cookies!!!

Recipe for home made  cookie sandwich…  mmm….mmmm….mmmm!!

I'm a bit of a cookie Junkie…

18 May

First step to recovery… Admitting I LOVE cookies!!!

Recipe for home made  cookie sandwich…  mmm….mmmm….mmmm!!

Next Time Youre in BK stop by the Fare

19 Apr

Brooklyn Fare’s goal is to put the national grocery powerhouses out of business…  located Downtown, BK Fare’s priority is “good foods at great prices offered up with outstanding service.”

Works for me… I’d rather the fresh personal shopping experience than the cold lifeless one you get from BJ’s.

They offer free delivery within 5 blocks and $5 delivery from 6-20 blocks…. and you can also email them your list… then go and pick it up… HOW COOOL!!!

And LOOK how CUTE their packaging is!!!

Cant WAIT to visit Nattie and Ruth as well!!!

mmmm…. LE CHOCOLAT….

16 Apr

 ‘Un Dimanche A Paris’ Chocolate Concept Store founded by Pierre Cluizel, son of the master chocolatier Michel Cluizel, recently opened in Saint Germain des Pres, Paris. Talk about YUMMY!!!  Take a look…. If you just so HAPPEN to be in Saint Germain des Pres, Paris… BRING ME something with peanuts and milk chocolate back!!!

Le Chocolat.JPG

Le Chocolat6.JPG

Le Chocolat8.JPG

Le Chocolat7.JPG

Le Chocolat3.JPG

Le Chocolat2.JPG

Le Chocolat5.JPG

(visit) <~ You may need a translator


10 Apr

Fight Club.jpg

Fight Club2.jpg


 nope… just cake… fondant and a little bit of Whip….

CAN SOMEBODY make this… and send it to the BEACH!!! *yelling*

Brownie Poppers…. from the mouth STRAIGHT to the THIGHS

9 Apr

but theyre OH SO GOOD!!!

Bakers Royale shares their Cream Filled Brownie Bites with us.. These are high on my list of new goodies to make!! Look at these! You cant TELL me you dont wanna just pop one in your mouth RIGHT NOW!! lol…

I need that MILK (1% please) in those EXACT glasses WITH the candy stripe straw….

Cream Filled Brownie Bites
Creme Filled Brownie Bites.jpg

Bauble Bites….

30 Mar



(for orders contact