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Another detail that sets Bentley apart from the rest…

5 May

Bentley Glasses Case….
PERFECT for my SUNNIES… now all I need is a Bentley… (Available in the Continental GT models)

The case is made from the same wood that covers the dashboard…

Bentley Glasses2.JPG

Bentley Glasses3.JPG

It snaps into the cup holder in the center dash… no more overhead glasses holder…

Bentley Glasses.JPG

Inside the case is leather.. of course… I wouldnt have ANYTHING less than the best for my Sunnies!
Bentley Glasses4.JPG

Mini Cooper… takin notes from the Rolls Royce

27 Apr

The Cooper family and the Royce family teamed up to make this special edition  Mini Cooper… how CAUYTE!


Cashmere lining on the roof… and the carpets offer a “deep-pile lambswool quality”  (like the Rolls Royce)…  <~Feeling like Denzel in American Gangster talking about his Alpaca!


Dashboard and door handles are finished in Walnut Burr.


Black leather dashboard top.


More inside views…



Word on the BEACH is that its supposed to run about £50,000 which is about €57,000 which is a little over 84 Stacks…

What do we think? 84 Stacks for the Rolls Royce edition Mini Cooper?

Jaguar Celebrates their 50 year E-Type Anniversary

24 Apr

The British car brand celebrated their 50th anniversary of the E-type… actress Magan Fox and Cowboys (BOOOOO) Linebacker Kelvin Smith were in attendance. (he’s kinda cute)

 Take a look…

Jaguar Show6.JPG
Jaguar show.JPG

Jaguar Show5.JPG

Jaguar show3.JPG

Bugatti Galibier… Mass Produced… Hybrid Option

21 Apr

And by mass I mean 3000… as opposed to the 300 Bugatti regularly makes… Take the Veyron… make it a sedan… same engine… add an aluminum frame and you’ve got the Galibier… give or take a few MINOR features… lol

MSRP will be around $1.62 Mil… and look how COOL the portable watch is! (I get a little excited over the small details)…. Anywho… Take a look!


The butterfly hood is SWEET!

C’MON now! Where else is thetime portable like this?!?

Sneak Peak Shanghai Auto Show…

20 Apr

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4



Bugatti 16.4 Super Sport


Bentley Mulsonne


Maserati GT MC Stradale


Porsche Hybrid


Aston Martin One-77 for sale… 77 made… less than 10 left…

16 Apr

Alain Class Motors has one Aston Martin One-77 up for sale available in Dubai (if you should just so happen to be there)…  Its Pearlescent white with red interior . The msrp is $1.4 mil… dunno if thats how much you’ll get it for though… Guess since this is the 2nd most expensive car (Hermes Bugatti topped out at a little over $1.9 Mil) no one wants it anymore…

Aston Martin.JPG

Aston Martin6.JPG

Aston Martin2.JPG

Here’s some inside stock photos:

Aston Martin5.JPG

Aston MArtin4.JPG

Jaguar taking shots at BMW

15 Apr

Beemers are WACK anyway!!! lol… jk… But Jaguar IS  trying to take another stab at the BMW 3 Series with their B99 … its still in Concept stage… lets cross our fingers and hope it makes it to production…

Heres a couple shots from the 2011 Geneva
Auto Show












I’m loving the simplicity of the car…
I DONT like how it kinda looks like the Jaguar version of a mustang…
I dunno about this one Jag… I was with you… until now…

Try again grasshopper…

My new baby…

15 Apr

She drives well in the sand too!!!

Range Rover.JPG

Range Rover2.JPG

 My showroom baby….

NOW…. time to SHOP!!!

Range Shop.JPG
coffee never taste so GREAT! Coffee Mug

Range Shop2.jpg

NO KIDS yet… but they’ll need a ONE-siewhen they get here…

Range Shop3.JPG

Whats life with out a Weekender?

live to Rock too!!!

Does your Birkin match your car?

5 Apr

Crowned the Fastest car in the world (267mph~WHY ARE WE FLYING? I dunno but its FAST!)…

The Bugatti Veyron IS in itself MAGNIFICENT…

Hermes Bugatti7.jpg

Hey… I got an idea… lets make the FASTEST car in the world… then Hermes it up! lol… And THATS how the Fbg par Hermes was born…  (Fbg- short for Faubourg Saint-Honore, the street of Hermes’ flagship store)

Hermes Bugatti8.jpg

The REGULAR (if there IS such) is a cool $1.7 Mil… the Hermes version will set you back $2.3 Million… thats 3 MILLION Brazillian Reals… or a little over 27 MILLION Pesos… or 194 MILLION Jamaican Dollars… lets not even COUNT how many of my I.O.U’s it’ll take…  Jesus Cristo!!!! *spanish accent*

Hermes Bugatti3.jpg

Alright… I’m back…  Some features include: Door handles modeled after the Hermes Suitcase….H-logo on the rims and wheel locks and air vents made to look like the trademark Hermes saddle stitching… inside the trunk AND hood ANd dashboard AND glove compartmen is BUTTER soft bull-leather lining…. and Hermes just threw in a bag… for sh*ts sake..

Take a look…

Hermes Bugatti4.jpg

Hermes Bugatti10.JPG

Hermes Bugatti2.jpg

Rumor has it… Bugatti makes 80 Veyrons a year… and this edition is SUPER exclusive..

Rappers Delight…

3 Apr

Lamborghini Gallardo White Edition… 20-inch black rims… sport suspension… and tinted windows…. Im not one to JUDGE but how many rappers you think will tote this new whip? …

MSRP Starts at $210 stacks for the REGULAR model ( stacks= rapper language for $1000)… This Anderson Germany White Edition is gonna be MORE than that! lol

Not bad… not bad…. I need mine in the 6 speed automatic though… I am WOMAN… Watch me CLUTCH (in heels of course)

White Lambo.jpg

White Lambo2.JPG
White Lambo3.JPG
White Lambo4.JPG

White Lambo5.JPG