I FRIGGIN LOVE Weddings!!!

31 May

And I’m LOVING Ethiopian born Amsale Aberra

I appreciate the dynamic the girls of Amsale have with eachother… Here’s Debbye

And YES THERE ARE 101 bridal shows… and half of them are about finding that PERFECT dress… but I CANT WAIT till Amsale Girls premieres! *perfect dress dance*


Fall like a Champ!

30 May

Lindsey Wixlon walks (relatively speaking) the runway for Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief in Cannes…

She played it off like a CHAMP… shes gotta stop that drinking though …  lol

I LOVE Lindsey’s spirit!

FLIP on Lindsey! FLIP! (not literally though)

Hermès… still fighting to the death!

30 May

So here’s the latest in the Hermès battle…

“The French Association of Minority Shareholders (ADAM) made a court appeal to waive the Hermès family’s voting rights in the company’s annual shareholder meeting, which is set for May 30.”  OMG THATS TODAY!!!!!

Hermes House

ADAM wants the family to go PRO LVMH… the family thinks ADAM’s in cohoots with LVMH to sabotage their name… (Like they have with EVERY other name LVMH has CHEAPENED)

Anywho… french courts ruled… they dismissed ADAM’s appeal…

Stay strong Hermès family… KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

The Shoe Whore Prayer

30 May



TANK God Save My Shoes




Top Shop Jewelry Must Haves…

30 May

Need some quick add ons? Not really a forever 21 accessory wearer? <~ NEW WORD…

Pay your 5 and hopefully your ears wont turn green… lol…

Anywho… here’s a couple of my faves from Top Shop…


Chris and friends enjoy street art with a private tour…

30 May

Bow Wow… yes he’s still little… and Chris Brown visit Art In The Streets at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles…

Chris has always been that cool artys farsty wierdo… still talented none the least..

Looks like they had a good time

Chris Twitpic’d these:

Dior Homme is LAW…

30 May

Hide yo wife… Hide yo babysitter… LOL… KIDDING… I had to throw that in!

Anywho… Jude was spotted at the Eden Roc Hotel shooting a Dior Homme fragrance commercial… looking HOT as usual!

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For all my Gardening FATTIES…

28 May

Im not one to garden but these potted African Violets look YUMMY… LITERALLY…. You DO know this is CAKE right?

Its a  five-layer chocolate devil’s food cake with chocolate-caramel truffle cream filling and coffee buttercream frosting. (Drools)… Exclusive to William-Sonoma, this Perfect Endings pot will run you a cool $100.. Not TOO bad… Ive seen cakes that charge MORE and look WORSE…

Anywho… I JUST ordered my pot today… All I need now is a glass of milk…

Amazon trying to put iTunes out of business…

28 May

Operative word: TRYING…. last week Amazon offered Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album for 99cents to try steal some of Apples iTunes customers…  Great idea! Great way to boost popularity… poor way of MAKING money and poor execution. Customers flooded Amazon to buy the artist’s album and Amazon couldnt deliver… Supposedly they had a “backlog in the system”… (side eye)

They said they were “experiencing very high volume” (via twitter)… Dont fret! They made sure they offered the deal again on Thursday to make up for the incidenet.

For amazon to be an internet business, I’m a little disappointed they weren’t more prepared. But then again, who knew a lady who wore MEAT dresses were SO popular… go figure…

Dress up your wardrobe… closet

27 May

We’ve ALL had our little indulgences with ikea… (DONT FRONT)… MYKEA lets us play dress up with our dressers…

Some of these designs are AWESOME!

Babe Cigarette

Ballentina… I’m guessing is a cross between a Ballerina and a whale… lol.. CUTE!

And the throwback… (drum roll)… LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE!