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Amazon trying to put iTunes out of business…

28 May

Operative word: TRYING…. last week Amazon offered Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album for 99cents to try steal some of Apples iTunes customers…  Great idea! Great way to boost popularity… poor way of MAKING money and poor execution. Customers flooded Amazon to buy the artist’s album and Amazon couldnt deliver… Supposedly they had a “backlog in the system”… (side eye)

They said they were “experiencing very high volume” (via twitter)… Dont fret! They made sure they offered the deal again on Thursday to make up for the incidenet.

For amazon to be an internet business, I’m a little disappointed they weren’t more prepared. But then again, who knew a lady who wore MEAT dresses were SO popular… go figure…

Light Up the Room with DL & Co.

19 May

I LOVE great candles! DL & Co uses the highest quality wax in their candles to give it a clean burn (unlike those glades you have now)… The wax also burns at a lower temperature so the oils are released into the air PERFECTLY… captivating its nostalgic aroma…  (You like how I described that right?) *pats myself on the back*

LOL… AND… on top of it being one of THE BEST candles out there… theyre CUTE!!! lol… Gotta love a little sparkle!

BlackBerry Playbook Release…

19 Apr

The moment we’ve ALL been waiting for… even you iWack (Apple Phone) users… Nancy O’Dell and Orlando Magic All-Star Dwight Howard take cheezy pics with the new device last week for the release.

In stores Today… (Shop)

Playbook Release2.JPG

Playbook Release.JPG

Cute… Cheezy.. but Cute!

Playbook Release4.JPG

Playbook Release3.JPG

T minus 5 days… Let there be PLAYBOOK!!

14 Apr

Can you FEEL IT!?!?!? mmmm…. PLAYBOOK…. The Blackberry Playbook… loaded with the Blackberry OS, the playbook can be fully intergrated with ur hand held device… talk about SWEET!!! S/N: all you iWack (iPhone) owners… DRINK BLEACH…BEACH!!!


Chanel Iman… kicks out Lara Stone

3 Apr
Glad to see Chanel Iman still making moves at 21. She’s the new face of Donna Karen’s Be Deilcious perfume… (one of my faves…) anywho.. here’s the new ad.

Chanel Iman2.jpg

More iFAILures!!!

21 Mar

I TOTALLY just threw up a little in my mouth!!


LMAO!!! CLASSIC Apple… tryna TAKE OVER the conversation… AND your LIFE!!!

FAILure of the iPhone… TEAM BLACKBERRY!!

16 Mar

AutoCorrect is for the DEVIL!!!


This is what happenes when Apple tries to control your life!!


Dad would have NEVER been embarassed if he had a BLACKBERRY!!!