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Dont forget to dress your nails!

27 May

Its AMAZING how your nails can MAKE or BREAK your outfit…

Here are a few of my faves… Tell me what you think!

YSL La Laque (of course) in White Gold for those business meetings

Sephora by OPI in Urban Ballerina Collection (I LOVE all things Ballerina)

Christian Dior in Bond Street… PERFECT supplement to your favorite pair of jeans

Butter London in Bubblegum Pink… for the little girl in you

Last but not least Chanel’s Le Vernis in Mimosa (for the fun flirt in you) and Dragon for the SEXY bombshell you try to contain

New Flats

16 Apr

These are my outside flats for when I’m not in my pointe shoes…. (whispers) Remember I’m a  PROFESSIONAL BALLERINA

Hermes Flat.JPG

Ballet Black… RESPECT IT!!

13 Apr

Cassa Pancho  studied classical ballet at the Royal Academy… and started Ballet Black because she couldnt find a Black Ballerina to do  her dissertation on…. Pancho, with her Trinidadian and British background, searched for a ballerina with color to no avail… After graduation, she decided to change that.  Pancho’s mission: “To provide dancers and students of black and Asian descent with inspiring opportunities in classical ballet”

The Ballet School is located in Shepherd’s Bush West London….

Here are a few pictures of the Dancers of
Ballet Black:

Ballet School.JPG

Ballet School4.JPGBallet School6.JPGBallet School5.JPGBallet School3.JPGBallet School2.JPG

If you were professional Ballerinas like MYSELF…lol… you’d FLIP! this post!!

iHeart Hathaway!!

13 Apr

I need this ballerina picture taken ASAP!!! I love his work….

For all you Chloe Lovers….

23 Mar
AS A FORMER PROFESSIONAL BALLERINA…. I approve of these Chloe Ballerina Flats… no… I never took any classes… no… I never went to a dancing school… but YES I WAS a professional Ballerina! lol…
Anywho… Chloe has been dropping heavy hitters left and right… along come these Criss Cross Ballerina Flats… showing us once agian Chloe sh*ts on the rest of them… (a bit much? lol)
 Chloe Ballerina Flat.jpg
anywho..  you tell me.. flip OR flop?