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Chloe kicks out Hannah…

10 May

Sorry toots… but youre OUTA here!!! Chloe announce via Twitter (side eye) that Hannah McGibbon was leaving the company…

Hannah with Chloë Sevigny at Chloé’s LA Opening


She’ll be replaced by Clare Waight Keller


Lets just hope BRUNETTES do it better!

Jennifer.. new body…. new style…

27 Mar
OH I get it!!! New weight loss = WEAR EVERYTHING she could possibly fit into… lmao… We’re HAPPY for the newfound healthly life… but that does NOT mean youre allowed to wear just ANYTHING woman!!!
Jennifer Hudson.JPG
She wore the Chloé whipstitch leather dress.. that will set you back 3 stacks… and a pair of Fendi snakeskin platforms… to a NICKELODEON presentation… theres a time and place for everybrand Jen Jen… bad choice…
We forgive you THIS time!! But dont let it happen again!!!

For all you Chloe Lovers….

23 Mar
AS A FORMER PROFESSIONAL BALLERINA…. I approve of these Chloe Ballerina Flats… no… I never took any classes… no… I never went to a dancing school… but YES I WAS a professional Ballerina! lol…
Anywho… Chloe has been dropping heavy hitters left and right… along come these Criss Cross Ballerina Flats… showing us once agian Chloe sh*ts on the rest of them… (a bit much? lol)
 Chloe Ballerina Flat.jpg
anywho..  you tell me.. flip OR flop?

Another Chloé to add to the collection.

18 Mar
Chloe Madeline Runway Satchel
Chloe Bag.jpg
How do we feel about the CRISP CLEAN White? I’m SURE it wont STAY that way but who wouldnt love a stark white bag?  It’ll run you a little over $2100 but its WELL worth it!!

Heres a little Chloé ad to get you in the mood *Wink Wink*

Chloe Ad.jpg