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Fall like a Champ!

30 May

Lindsey Wixlon walks (relatively speaking) the runway for Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief in Cannes…

She played it off like a CHAMP… shes gotta stop that drinking though …  lol

I LOVE Lindsey’s spirit!

FLIP on Lindsey! FLIP! (not literally though)

LV Fall 2011 Mens Bag line…

6 May

Im starting to like the MENS line better than the Womens bag line from LV…

Dont get me wrong… I’ll NEVER buy another LVMH pissy bag… but I WILL tip my hat to their mens 2011 Fall line…

Mens LV2.JPG

Mens LV5.JPG


Mens LV4.JPG

Mens LV3.JPG

Mens LV6.JPG

Mens LV7.JPG

Mens LV8.JPG

Mens LV9.JPG

Prada Fall Handbag Collection… looking PRETTY nice!!

22 Mar

mmm… PRADA…. (Homer Simpson Voice)…

The simple… Futuristic/Retro label has caught my eye…. Not too sure how I feel about all the models STRONG ARMing the bags down the runway as if they were ALL clutches.. but HEY to each their own…

I personally would like to have each of THESE of my own… lol… tell me what you think… flip OR flop??

Prada 1.jpg

Prada 2.jpg

Prada 3.jpg

Prada 4.jpg

Prada 5.jpg

I need the black satchel with a pair of Pearls….  ASAP!!

P.S.- I’m feeling some type of way about ALL of the models holding the bags in their right hand… I’m a TRUE LEFTY and I am OFFENED!!! lmao

Posh Spice hiding a 5th Bump?

21 Mar
Are we surprised? No… Do we care… Nah not really… lets just see the new Ready To Wear… lol

VB RTW1.jpg
VB RTW2.jpg

VB RTW3.jpg

VB RTW 4.jpg

 Heres Vicky SITTING as shes dictating her new line… *YAWN*VB BELLY.jpg

Hermes Fall Handbag line.. a bit fanny pack-ish

20 Mar
I’m not sure I’ll EVER be comfortable with wearing a fanny pack… OR my wallet around my neck like my g-ma does… NOT WINNING!!! anywho… Take a look… Tell me what you think…

I LOVE the over sized cutches…

Hermes Fall 11-6.jpg

Hermes Fall 11-4.jpgHermes Fall 11-5.jpg


I can go for about 2 of these duffels right about now….

Another Chloé to add to the collection.

18 Mar
Chloe Madeline Runway Satchel
Chloe Bag.jpg
How do we feel about the CRISP CLEAN White? I’m SURE it wont STAY that way but who wouldnt love a stark white bag?  It’ll run you a little over $2100 but its WELL worth it!!

Heres a little Chloé ad to get you in the mood *Wink Wink*

Chloe Ad.jpg