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Gold Facial… YUM

3 May
UMO… the creator of the original UMO 24 Karat Gold Facial Treatment
24karats of LUXURY on ur face! I’ll TAKE IT!! $250 for the facial…. not too bad…
Gold Facial.JPG


Pricey Shoe…

19 Apr

How would YOU like a pair of solid gold strappy sandals with 30 Carats of diamonds with made by Christopher Michael Shellis. Theyre only $228,000.

EEEH… im more of a flip flop for the beach kinda gal … so I’ll pass on these…

Expensive shoes.JPG

These look like there’s NO bend to them whatsoever…

Send me some Rena YIP’s… the No Place Like Home collection… The emerald pumps… $365,000 CASH!!!!

*faints from anxiety*

New Folded Leaf Phone…

7 Apr

Leaf Phone 4.jpg

An architects DREAM phone! Sweedish architect designer Claesson Koivisto Rune came up with this simple phone… Got rid of
all the ad-ons.. made the phone SIMPLE…

The Leaf Phone is a mixture between the classic 1930’s phone and the “clam shell” phone or “flip phone” of the 90’s…

The handset is slightly rounded for better grip.. yet has defined edges so it doesnt slip out of your hand like a bar of soap. (SMART!)

Folded Leaf.jpg

Its small in size to fit in a (normal sized) human hand… instead of being big and bulky like some of the smart phones we see today…

The camera on the back is shaped like a human eye (freaky huh)… Its got a lot of other neat features about it… IM not getting into it… I’m AT THE BEACH… not a dissertation class.. I just know it better support myTAY PCS!!!

What do you think? flip OR flop?

Leaf Phone3.jpg

Leaf Phone2.jpg

Toni Style…

4 Apr

Toni Braxtons been out and about… Her new reality show “Braxton’s Family Values” will be airing on the 12th… CANT wait! LORD PLEASE dont let Frankie (Keyshia’s Mom) pop up for a cameo!!

Anywho… Toni wore an eggplant Dutchess Silk Mermaid Dress to the 2011 Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction Kick-off… where Lindt donates 10 cents to Autism Speaks for every Lindt Gold Purchase up to $100,000… I’m sure that touches a SOFT SPOT for her…

Toni Braxton4.jpg

(get yourself a T-PAD girl… that iWack is TRASH!)

Toni Braxton2.JPG
Toni Braxton.JPG

Toni Braxton3.JPG