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iCant right now with you Chanel!!!

24 Apr

SERIOUSLY? First the Ice Cream Cone.. now the condom? Whatever Chanel…

Chanel Condom.JPG

Stick to the quilts and tweed!!!


6 Apr

I would like to give a special SHOUT OUT (radio style) to a special (short) Someone… My god-daughter… She is 3 today!!! Wooo-Hooo!!!

–>3 going on 23…

Here’s a couple kid things I thought were cool…

Ice Cream Cone Chalk Board


Helper Little Miss Marc Bag (she would LOVE this.. she’s SO girly)


Kids First Hunter Boots… (for when kids want to step in EVERY puddle)


Pretty (Tiffany) Pearls


And let us NOT forget the TuTu


Happy Birthday Jelly Bean… youre a Pretty Pretty Princess that deserves ONLY the best!!!

Chanel Ice Cream?

27 Mar
Its “rumored” that the classic french brand will be launching a new ICE CREAM line… SERIOUSLY? lol… I dunno… we’ll see…. I know none of the models will be eating it… What do YOUSE (Staten Island Accent) think?

Chanel Ice Cream.jpg

flip OR flop?