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Kanye… stop trying to make FETCH happen…

17 May

Kanye West with 2 smut buckets arrive to VIP Lounge in Cannes  in a Maybach with the top back…




For whatever reason I’m STILL not impressed… *YAWNS*

Angelina Jolie… the Louis Vuitton Don(na)

24 Apr

You mad Kanye? You SHOULD BE!! The (stronger) half of the BrAngelina duo just signed a $10 Ad Campaign for the french Designer…

Better luck next time Mr. West!


 Im sure Kanye is feeling REAL SALTY right now! *Salty/Sour Face*

CANT SIT HEAAAA!!!! *Forrest gump*

11 Mar

Word around town is our very own IMPORTANT Louis Vuitton Don himself was stopped at the front door to the Balmain, Alexander McQueen and YOU GUESSED IT the Louis Vuitton event! Guess he’s not as important as he thought. *SHOCKER* Only IMPORTANT people get invites… LMAO… Silly Rapper… TRIX are for kids!!


You MISSED it Ye! Last show, Kate Moss finished the show with a cigarette in hand… PRICELESS!!!