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Add the Belt to the Hermes collection…

14 Apr

I see Janet loves a little Hermes too huh?



Hermes Belt.jpg

Kim Kardashian

Hermes Belt2.png

Kelly Rowland

Studded Spike Jacket… Do we Love it?

13 Mar

Hollywood’s favorite Armenian Big booty bombshell Kim Kardashian and Georgia’s Sweetheart Monica were rocking the same Burberry gold studded shoulder jacket… Both showed off courtside. Both SUPER DRESSED Up…. But DO IT GURL DO IT!!! Lmao…

Sorry Monica… we Luv u but if youre wearing a $3500 jacket might as well do it up with an Hermes Birkin…. (thats why her pic is so much bigger)

Good Ole Megan Good

11 Mar

She has officially jumped on the “Im bored so let me make an album” banwagon… Thanks for NOT singing though… lol… Her new group the H.E.L.L.O. girls are in the works for a new album. Shame shame shame to Kim Kardashian and every other BORED soft porn star… Im BORED just THINKING about them singing… ANY WHO…

P.S.We love the “Im too cool for 2 earrings” look…