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Hermès… still fighting to the death!

30 May

So here’s the latest in the Hermès battle…

“The French Association of Minority Shareholders (ADAM) made a court appeal to waive the Hermès family’s voting rights in the company’s annual shareholder meeting, which is set for May 30.”  OMG THATS TODAY!!!!!

Hermes House

ADAM wants the family to go PRO LVMH… the family thinks ADAM’s in cohoots with LVMH to sabotage their name… (Like they have with EVERY other name LVMH has CHEAPENED)

Anywho… french courts ruled… they dismissed ADAM’s appeal…

Stay strong Hermès family… KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

Louis Vuitton uses babies for their Fall 2011 Ad Campaign….

26 May

Its good to let the younger up and coming models shine… Not saying Naomi and Kate are dried up… Fashion stays young while their ages increase… sorry toots… I’m sure thats the FIRST lesson they learned as teenage models themselves…

Anywho… What do we think? Is LV smart for hiring teenagers for their ad campaign?

Hermes gets rid of DEAD Weight…

10 May

Hermes just sold its 45% stake in Gaultier to Puig(the perfume and cosmetics powerhouse) for about $24million…

Jean Paul Gautier himself is ALSO selling 15% (leaving him with 40)…

I guess Hermes is trying to get rid of dead weight… if only they can shake LVMH whose holds more than 20% …

Im SURE the Hermes family HATES THEM! LOL

Hermes Family.jpg

We shall see!!

LVMH Conglomerate to invest $600 Million….

9 May


But they ARE looking for Asian Brands to go international. They want to focus on the “less luxury” side. Thinking… HOPING… the brand will grow the fastest because of its ability to reach more people…

More affordable + Internationally known = a WHOLE lot of CA$H!!!

So… if youre Asian with an affordable line send your info to LVMH… You may have a shot! (Send me something too)


As PISSY as LVMH is… they still brought in 203 Billion Euros last year…

PPR pays $607 Million for Volcoma Sports Clothing Company

3 May

Why do we care? Well WE may not… but its nice to understand the financials of the brands we know and love…

What does this REALLY mean? It means Volcom will be close relatives to Puma,  Gucci, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen.

So if you see this TIGHT white guy… give him a high 5… His name is Francois-Henri Pinault he’s the Chief Executive of PPR



No LOUIS for me unless its VINTAGE!!!

31 Mar
I’ll take THIS please AND thank you! lol….London’s Pullman Gallery is selling this vintage 1920 Malle Chaussures Louis Vuitton trunk (68 stacks… not bad … not bad)

THIS is the Louis Vuitton WE know and love.. not that PISSY LVMH its become… but anywho… I digress…. The trunk has compartments to fit 30 pairs of shoes… with ancillary (SAT word for supplimentary) drawers and trays for a shoe-cleaning kit…

Vintage Louis.JPG

I dont know about YOU… but I’m bringing MINE to the BEACH!!! they’re ALL gonna have flip flops in them… There may be a turkey sandwhich in one of the compartments though… I wont lie! lol… flip OR flop?

Bulgari joining LVMH… WHOMP WHOMP….

27 Mar
Here we go with another TAKEOVER… Big name brands are DE-Bo’ing the smaller competition… LVMH just bought half of Bulgari’s shares… and will give back 16 million shares to the family in exchange for the 152 they currently have…. STRAIGHT DE BO!!!

SMH… just hopes it doesnt turn PISSY!!!

Bulgari AD.jpg

You may wanna cover up Julie… your payroll check may bounce!!