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Fall like a Champ!

30 May

Lindsey Wixlon walks (relatively speaking) the runway for Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief in Cannes…

She played it off like a CHAMP… shes gotta stop that drinking though …  lol

I LOVE Lindsey’s spirit!

FLIP on Lindsey! FLIP! (not literally though)

Louis Vuitton uses babies for their Fall 2011 Ad Campaign….

26 May

Its good to let the younger up and coming models shine… Not saying Naomi and Kate are dried up… Fashion stays young while their ages increase… sorry toots… I’m sure thats the FIRST lesson they learned as teenage models themselves…

Anywho… What do we think? Is LV smart for hiring teenagers for their ad campaign?

Shelby Coleman… the Freckled Bombshell…

26 Apr

Only 19 years young and making waves…

 Yulia Perempuan, Austria Alcantara, Mika Van Winkle and Shelby Coleman attend “The Bully Project” Premiere after party at the Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC…


09  Nicole Miller RTW


More random shots…



HOW CAYUTE is she!?! Flip on Shelbs… FLIP!

Devon Aoki…. thats one COOL BEACH!

24 Apr

I LOVE this pic… high fashion even in the nude!!!


Jessica Alba for Vogue Italy

13 Apr

Lookin Good… Lookin Good…

Jessica Alba6.jpgJessica Alba8.jpgJessica Alba7.jpgJessica Alba4.jpgJessica Alba.jpg

New Dress….

7 Apr

Chris Benz:Rhonda Shirtdress

flip OR flop?

Chris Benz.JPG

Chanel Iman… kicks out Lara Stone

3 Apr
Glad to see Chanel Iman still making moves at 21. She’s the new face of Donna Karen’s Be Deilcious perfume… (one of my faves…) anywho.. here’s the new ad.

Chanel Iman2.jpg

Mariel Clayton Photography… Barbie with a twist of REALITY

29 Mar
Photographer Mariel Clayton captures the art of toys… Who DIDNT love Barbie? lol… from the looks of it SHE didnt… lol… I personally LOVE it!

Clayton Photography3.JPG
2 heads are better than 1 but it takes 4 to reach the cookie jar.

Clayton 3.JPG
I TOLD you that would happen if you touched my chocolate!

Clayton Photography.JPG
Chest and Nuts roasting on an open fire

Clayton Photography4.JPG

iPad… It does everything you have absolutely NO use for

Clayton Photography5.JPG

Clayton Photography6.JPG



WOWZAS! Heavy topics… I love how its expressed!!!
What do YOU think? flip OR flop?

Chanel Ice Cream?

27 Mar
Its “rumored” that the classic french brand will be launching a new ICE CREAM line… SERIOUSLY? lol… I dunno… we’ll see…. I know none of the models will be eating it… What do YOUSE (Staten Island Accent) think?

Chanel Ice Cream.jpg

flip OR flop?

Telsa Model S Signature… my kinda car!!!

19 Mar
This electric… energy efficient American Made vehicle is equipped with a 17 inch touchscreen with 3G connectivity. Which means you can download whatever app you want straight to your console.

Anywho… The first 1000 Model S vehicles delivered will be considered the Signature. The Model S Signature will run you an extra 40 thousand JUST for a reservation. CAN WE SAY EXCLUSIVE!?! AOOOWWWW!!! No word on MSRP Price yet…( I HEARD its supposed to be around the 50k range plus reservation)   BUT Tesla will invite reservation holders to configure their Model S about three months before their car is produced. Theyre going for the “affordable electric car” so you wont have to worry about Bugatti prices. (although their Roadster can set you back 101 thousand) eeeh… its all Relative!

Telsa S Model.jpg

I can just drive my Telsa onto the sand and recharge!
The car business should be MORE like this and less like the lots of over produced machines we have now… Cars ON DEMAND!!! lol

Telsa S.jpg