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12 May

ok BEACH BUMS!! NO more tiny url for url shortners…

We use myTAY.me

super Clean… super simple… super AWESOME!!!



SEQUENtial Beauty…

26 Apr

“OMG I forgot my T-Pad!”
Sequin Dress.jpg

Photography by Anna Fowler

BlackBerry Playbook Release…

19 Apr

The moment we’ve ALL been waiting for… even you iWack (Apple Phone) users… Nancy O’Dell and Orlando Magic All-Star Dwight Howard take cheezy pics with the new device last week for the release.

In stores Today… (Shop)

Playbook Release2.JPG

Playbook Release.JPG

Cute… Cheezy.. but Cute!

Playbook Release4.JPG

Playbook Release3.JPG

Nokia Does It Again!

19 Apr

E for Enviornment… Cu for Copper…The Nokia E-Cu is just a concept for now but it looks promising….



The phone comes equipped with a heat conductive charging system… Thats right… no more plugs… this phone charges itself!


Equipped with a thermogenerator inside… the phone can be charged by putting it on any surface of heat… like a raidiator… or in your pocket… It MAY even get some juice from HOT BREATH! Just kidding on that last part, but this phone is no joke!


Pretty great… no need for chargers (GREAT for me because I forget to charge or LOSE the charger)…. and the 51,000 TONS of waste it produces can be eliminated… Plus its PERFECT for the BEACH… just bring ur phone and set it in the sun…

Nokia Green Soda Phone…

16 Apr

Leave it up to Nokia to provide some NEW NEW ish… *Nu-Nu ATL Voice*…. Deisgner Daizi Zheng came up with an eco-friendly phone for Nokia.

Regular lithium batteries have drawbacks including being expensive and harmful to the environment. So Daizi Zheng came up with an eco-friendly phone…

Heres how the phone works:

 Nokia Phone1.JPG

 First: Unscrew the top… Then pour whatever cracked out Sugar beverage of choice.

Nokia Phone2.JPG

 Next: The Bio-Battery inside “uses enzymes as a catalyst to generate electricity from carbohydrates” <~Science words for turns sugar into JUICE for your phone…

Nokia Phone3.JPG

Once the battery dies… theres just oxygen and good ole H2O left…

Forgot to mention on a single charge, the lifespan of  the bio-battery  is 3-4 times that of a lithium battery… I’m SOLD!!!

T minus 5 days… Let there be PLAYBOOK!!

14 Apr

Can you FEEL IT!?!?!? mmmm…. PLAYBOOK…. The Blackberry Playbook… loaded with the Blackberry OS, the playbook can be fully intergrated with ur hand held device… talk about SWEET!!! S/N: all you iWack (iPhone) owners… DRINK BLEACH…BEACH!!!


New Folded Leaf Phone…

7 Apr

Leaf Phone 4.jpg

An architects DREAM phone! Sweedish architect designer Claesson Koivisto Rune came up with this simple phone… Got rid of
all the ad-ons.. made the phone SIMPLE…

The Leaf Phone is a mixture between the classic 1930’s phone and the “clam shell” phone or “flip phone” of the 90’s…

The handset is slightly rounded for better grip.. yet has defined edges so it doesnt slip out of your hand like a bar of soap. (SMART!)

Folded Leaf.jpg

Its small in size to fit in a (normal sized) human hand… instead of being big and bulky like some of the smart phones we see today…

The camera on the back is shaped like a human eye (freaky huh)… Its got a lot of other neat features about it… IM not getting into it… I’m AT THE BEACH… not a dissertation class.. I just know it better support myTAY PCS!!!

What do you think? flip OR flop?

Leaf Phone3.jpg

Leaf Phone2.jpg

Today we say farewell to the queen of Baubles…

23 Mar
Elizabeth Taylor passed away this morning at the age of 79. Besides her breath-taking violet eyes…. glamour….poise… tenatious relationships…. and AMAZING BAUBLES… she remained humble.
Im not going to get into a whole dissertation about E… (we go way  back lol) so heres a couple pics to remember her…..
 E Taylor.jpg
Elizabeth Taylor3.jpg
Elizabeth Taylor2.jpg

Thanks for setting the stage!!!

myTAY PCS… new cellphone company SMASHES Metro PCS!!!

22 Mar
EVERYBODY knows if you have a Metro PCS phone! Its not something to brag about… This girl makes pre-paid look stylish…Taysha Valez… AKA… the Princess of Pricey OWNS her own Telecom (amongst about a ga-zillion other things) … she IS her OWN wireless provider…. CAN YOU BELIEVE? *faints* …. okay I’m back….May not seem like much… but do YOU know the CEO of Pissy A$$ Metro PCS… or AT&T? or the head of YOUR 9-5? Yeah I didnt think so… heres a couple snapshots…
welcome to TAYemail LITE.jpg

A lot of her things are very HUSH HUSH… and Exclusive…. INVITE-only type of society…
Heres the key to the back door….
Check out the video snip… VERY 1974 gangsta… lmao… GO HEAD GIRL!!!

More iFAILures!!!

21 Mar

I TOTALLY just threw up a little in my mouth!!


LMAO!!! CLASSIC Apple… tryna TAKE OVER the conversation… AND your LIFE!!!