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No LOUIS for me unless its VINTAGE!!!

31 Mar
I’ll take THIS please AND thank you! lol….London’s Pullman Gallery is selling this vintage 1920 Malle Chaussures Louis Vuitton trunk (68 stacks… not bad … not bad)

THIS is the Louis Vuitton WE know and love.. not that PISSY LVMH its become… but anywho… I digress…. The trunk has compartments to fit 30 pairs of shoes… with ancillary (SAT word for supplimentary) drawers and trays for a shoe-cleaning kit…

Vintage Louis.JPG

I dont know about YOU… but I’m bringing MINE to the BEACH!!! they’re ALL gonna have flip flops in them… There may be a turkey sandwhich in one of the compartments though… I wont lie! lol… flip OR flop?