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mmmm…. LE CHOCOLAT….

16 Apr

 ‘Un Dimanche A Paris’ Chocolate Concept Store founded by Pierre Cluizel, son of the master chocolatier Michel Cluizel, recently opened in Saint Germain des Pres, Paris. Talk about YUMMY!!!  Take a look…. If you just so HAPPEN to be in Saint Germain des Pres, Paris… BRING ME something with peanuts and milk chocolate back!!!

Le Chocolat.JPG

Le Chocolat6.JPG

Le Chocolat8.JPG

Le Chocolat7.JPG

Le Chocolat3.JPG

Le Chocolat2.JPG

Le Chocolat5.JPG

(visit) <~ You may need a translator

No LOUIS for me unless its VINTAGE!!!

31 Mar
I’ll take THIS please AND thank you! lol….London’s Pullman Gallery is selling this vintage 1920 Malle Chaussures Louis Vuitton trunk (68 stacks… not bad … not bad)

THIS is the Louis Vuitton WE know and love.. not that PISSY LVMH its become… but anywho… I digress…. The trunk has compartments to fit 30 pairs of shoes… with ancillary (SAT word for supplimentary) drawers and trays for a shoe-cleaning kit…

Vintage Louis.JPG

I dont know about YOU… but I’m bringing MINE to the BEACH!!! they’re ALL gonna have flip flops in them… There may be a turkey sandwhich in one of the compartments though… I wont lie! lol… flip OR flop?

Galliano Banned from his own Catwalk!

18 Mar
SO Galliano… and his bad attitude self… was absent from his Parisian event that unveiled his Autmn/Winter 2011 collection. Supposedly hes in Arizona at a clinic for treatment… WHATEVS! Bad attitude and ALL he’s Galliano for a REASON!!


According to the Telegraph, (NO EMAIL? AS IF!!!!)  the models strolled across Turkish carpets in hourglass tweed and wool suiting, fringed and trimmed with fur and accessorised with feathered head-pieces; cashmere cocoon coats with stitched, satin hems; and open-back, printed silk shirts, tucked into draped pencil skirts, lavished with bows on one side.
SHEESH… With all THAT being said… GALLIANO… SIT YOUR $5 A$$ DOWN BEFORE I MAKE CHANGE!!! ~Martin Payne

Can I LIVE?!?!

12 Mar
On Severn Road that is… Nice quiet area overlooking Hong Kong’s skyline… You know… something Low-key… except its the PRICIEST street in the whole wide friggin WORLD CRAIG!!! Not just the CITY but the WORLD Craig!!!
(Friday After Next reference… get ur weight up!)
Estimated at a little over $78 thousand per square meter… Roughly $8700/square foot!  Makes NYC’s 5th Ave  look like the Pissy streets of Marcy Projects…

CANT SIT HEAAAA!!!! *Forrest gump*

11 Mar

Word around town is our very own IMPORTANT Louis Vuitton Don himself was stopped at the front door to the Balmain, Alexander McQueen and YOU GUESSED IT the Louis Vuitton event! Guess he’s not as important as he thought. *SHOCKER* Only IMPORTANT people get invites… LMAO… Silly Rapper… TRIX are for kids!!


You MISSED it Ye! Last show, Kate Moss finished the show with a cigarette in hand… PRICELESS!!!