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LVMH Conglomerate to invest $600 Million….

9 May


But they ARE looking for Asian Brands to go international. They want to focus on the “less luxury” side. Thinking… HOPING… the brand will grow the fastest because of its ability to reach more people…

More affordable + Internationally known = a WHOLE lot of CA$H!!!

So… if youre Asian with an affordable line send your info to LVMH… You may have a shot! (Send me something too)


As PISSY as LVMH is… they still brought in 203 Billion Euros last year…

Bey… YOU didnt think this through did you?

26 Mar
Our very own Southern Belle was spotted leaving her NYC apartment dressed down and with NO makeup…. *Wrong Buzzer* SORRY toots! You CANNOT go au natural… looks like that pop-n-and lock-n got the best of you… Get it together B!!


On another note… she’s lending her “Irreplaceable” to “Songs for Japan” (a charity album that will benefit the victims of the earthquake/tsunami stricken island nation)… GREAT!!!… and for that, I’ll forgive you THIS time for the naked face… dont let it happen again though!!


18 Mar
Yeah… I know… I’m a sucker for big bags!! Im LOVING this Italian ‘Handmade’ bag…. 4 and a half stacks? ¬†Eeeeh… I guess…. ONLY because it looks like QUALITY and doesnt have “G’s” splattered all over it cheapening the brand… Sorry… just went on a rant… I’m back! lol

Gucci Handmade.jpg

I’m LOVING the detailed stitching across the front and the sides.. gives more of a HANDMADE (hense the name) feel as opposed to the factory lined Speedy… GROSS!

ANYWHO… Do we love it? Flip OR Flop?