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Pretty… Pink… and VERY Pregnant!

31 May

I know I say I LOVE a lot of things… but I REALLY LOVE Pink! Her and hubby Carey Hart made time for each other and friends at Neptune Net┬áRestaurant…

I’m happy they’re happy…

*sings PERFECT at the top of my lungs*

PRETTY PRETTY PLEEEEASE IF YOU EVER EVER FEEEEEL like you’re noothing.. you’re F*in PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posh Spice hiding a 5th Bump?

21 Mar
Are we surprised? No… Do we care… Nah not really… lets just see the new Ready To Wear… lol

VB RTW1.jpg
VB RTW2.jpg

VB RTW3.jpg

VB RTW 4.jpg

┬áHeres Vicky SITTING as shes dictating her new line… *YAWN*VB BELLY.jpg