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Fashion at the MET Gala… flip OR flop?

3 May
Get Ready for the Madness and Mayhem…
the MET honored Alexander McQueen:Savage Beauty…
A-lists and NOBODIES attended all dressed up!
Blake Lively in Chanel Couture with Karl Lagerfield

Jenny in Gucci

Sarah Jessica in Alexander McQueen

Stella McCartney in her own threads…

Zoe Saldana in Calvin Klein

Jessica Alba in Ralph Lauren

Rihanna in Alexander McQueen
{not feeling the dirty Goth/grunge look}

Tory Burch & Kanye West in Tory’s threads
{here comes Ye tryna FIT IN again}

Ana Wintour in Chanel
{with an EXTREMELY large black man with a blue garbage bag in the back}

Janelle Monae in Chanel
{I HOPE those rumors of her funky underarms are JUST rumors!}

Ciara in Prabal Gurung
{I like the dress… just dont think Ciara’s feminine enough to pull it off}

Beyonce in Alexander McQueen
{uber FAIL!}
Dakota Fanning in Valentino
{love the Girl… hate the Dress}

Sofia Vergara in Carolina Herrera

Iman in Stella McCartney
{Shakin my Head at you Iman… SAT DOWN!!!}

Christina Ricci in Zac Posen
{these mermaid dresses are KILLING me!}

Andre Leon Talley in cerulean blue robe
{I think he’s a midget standing on another midgets shoulders… JMO}

Naomi Campbell in Alexander McQueen
{NO WORDS for this monstrosity}

Eva Mendes in Stella McCartney
{Im loving this disco 70’s inspired 1-shoulder dress}

Ashley Olsen in Vingate Dior

Hamish Bowles in GOD ONLY KNOWS!
{Beyonce… get ur father!}

Anna W…. this lady STILL has pple shyttin Bricks!!!

25 Mar
So…. aftter watching The Devil wears Prada for the 7hundred and 35th time… I stumbled upon an article about the Devil Herself: Anna Wintour.
Shes featured in this months WSJ Magazine… Pick it up… and send me one too!! lol…AnaWintour.png


 Im not even gonna start to NAME some of the things this petite heavy hitter has done for the fashion world. Just know that you WILL RESPECT HER GANGSTA!!!
FAMILY FIRST!!There was talk of retiring… When the September Issue came out (in 09) we all held our breath…. Hope no one passed out because she hand picked Amar’e Stoudemir to be featured in April’s edition. GO HEAD Girl!!!

Ana Wintour4.jpg

Holding Vogue down since 88…. (was there a fire? lmao)
*GRACEfully bows*

CBreezy pissed off…. AGAIN!!

22 Mar
So… apparently Robin Roberts of Good Morning America provoked the woman beater by repeatedly bringing up the Rihanna incident and charges against him. LET IT GO!!! Chris SMOOTHLY kept trying to bring the attention back to his newly released album F.A.M.E. but that old “Crabs-in-a-barrel” effect took over Roberts… SMH at old hags looking for news….
   Allegedly he stormed out… threw a chair at the window.. shattering it… ripped off his shirt and got in a producers face…
ALL THAT? Dont let em get to you Chris… Its not worth it!!

ANY WHO… heres a clip… (Brought to you by the FABULOUS folks @ TMZ)

 Breezys Bad Attitude

C Breezys new digs…. Italian Style

16 Mar
Our favorite Rihanna beater just shot his GQ spread… labels featured include Tom Ford, Georgio Armani,  Dolce & Gabanna, and Roy Roger.. (NO Not the chicken guy!!! )
Anywho…. He’s showing us his BOYISH charm we all fell in love with… See what CLEAN clothes will do to you?


I feel the SAME way sometimes CB!!! I dont see how you can hate from OUTSIDE the BEACH… You cant even GET IN!!!!!



 Pray for ’em Chris!!! LAWD!!!! Help them!