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The Shoe Whore Prayer

30 May



TANK God Save My Shoes




Guiseppe Zanotti… INSTANT supermodel legs!!

18 May

I fell in LOVE… and LUST … with thesecork wedges….

Instant 6 and a half inches taller! I am NOW officially 5’8! WATCH OUT NOW!!!




I love BEACH season!!

Maison Martin Margiela SERIOUS Open Toe

20 Apr

I dont know how I feel about these yet… I may need to try them on…





More Styles:




What do we think? FLIP! or FLOP?

Pricey Shoe…

19 Apr

How would YOU like a pair of solid gold strappy sandals with 30 Carats of diamonds with made by Christopher Michael Shellis. Theyre only $228,000.

EEEH… im more of a flip flop for the beach kinda gal … so I’ll pass on these…

Expensive shoes.JPG

These look like there’s NO bend to them whatsoever…

Send me some Rena YIP’s… the No Place Like Home collection… The emerald pumps… $365,000 CASH!!!!

*faints from anxiety*

New Dress….

7 Apr

Chris Benz:Rhonda Shirtdress

flip OR flop?

Chris Benz.JPG

No LOUIS for me unless its VINTAGE!!!

31 Mar
I’ll take THIS please AND thank you! lol….London’s Pullman Gallery is selling this vintage 1920¬†Malle Chaussures Louis Vuitton trunk (68 stacks… not bad … not bad)

THIS is the Louis Vuitton WE know and love.. not that PISSY LVMH its become… but anywho… I digress…. The trunk has compartments to fit 30 pairs of shoes… with¬†ancillary (SAT word for supplimentary) drawers and trays for a shoe-cleaning kit…

Vintage Louis.JPG

I dont know about YOU… but I’m bringing MINE to the BEACH!!! they’re ALL gonna have flip flops in them… There may be a turkey sandwhich in one of the compartments though… I wont lie! lol… flip OR flop?