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PPR pays $607 Million for Volcoma Sports Clothing Company

3 May

Why do we care? Well WE may not… but its nice to understand the financials of the brands we know and love…

What does this REALLY mean? It means Volcom will be close relatives to Puma,  Gucci, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen.

So if you see this TIGHT white guy… give him a high 5… His name is Francois-Henri Pinault he’s the Chief Executive of PPR



Balenciaga Throwback…

25 Apr

I wish this type of elegance was around today…. *Sad Face*

1953 Photo by John Rawlings…

Originally published in  Vogue Magazine October 15th 1953


I vote we do a retro themed photo shoot..  SAME STYLE… SAME ELEGANCE… Just with some more diverse models…

Oversized bags… I LOVE em!!

24 Mar
Apparently so does Nicole Richie… She was spotted during Paris Fashion week rocking the luggage tote in hand… Who DOESNT love a sweet OVERSIZED bag… Why.. The better to JUNK up with *Little Red Riding Hood Voice*

Nicole Richie2.jpg

Nicole Richie 5.jpg

Shes kinda making a statement in the all black (Jeezys G-code) … Black Celine Bag… Black Chanel Sunglasses and Black Balenciaga pumps … GO HEAD NICK!!!

Bring it to those BEACHES!!!!

Balenciaga Voyager bag…. Disappointment?

23 Mar
Looks kinda bulky… Just ordered mine… I’ma be PISSED if its TOO big for my T-Pad… FML… anywho… do you like it?

Balenciaga Laptop case2.jpg

Balenciaga Laptop case.jpg

Perfect for the BEACH!! I’ll pass on the itchy wool sweater though…